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Rajesh Cp 20 napja There are some active allegations happening in kerala after the election. All this started from a local BJP leader raising a complaint stating about 2.

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But there after few of the call recoordings surfaces in local media between respected media like manorama, mathrubhumi mediaone etc about another allegation in Wayanadu election where BJP state leader agreeing to handle money for incoopertion for the election.

I'm just wondering why you as a respected media isn't finding it as a threat to the democratic sovernity of our nation?

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Between this was the same party who made the whole nation stand infront of ATM and ran in panic inorder to irradicate black money, comeon this is far from unbecoming a patriotic. Cleverly picking up only BJP govt. Md Iqbal Hónapja Iss ke interview me.

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Farmer OMG. The politicians know they are the laughing stock and are spineless enough sudhir chaudhary a bitcoin-on continue holding on to their posts due to their major inferiority complex. Now we need to make sure these incompetent circus jokers are brought down from their high horses.

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The change is coming and the young generation will no longer stand for these old indoctrination methods. I come here bitcoin ajándék kártya. It reinstalls my faith in media. I mean it you are something else.

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