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Örömmel válaszolunk a kérdéseire, hogy elkezdhesse ma az automatikus másolást What exactly does NAGA do and how is the company set up? NAGA is a financial technology company FinTech which has developed its own platform with a focus on stock exchange trading, banking and crypto currencies.

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The platform has overregistered users with around 30, capitalized accounts. Which products bitcoin trading australia NAGA operate?

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Customers can trade long and short. What makes NAGA special is the variety of functions.

The biggest downside is that Robinhood does not work in every state for cryptocurrency trades as of May

For professional traders there are charts powered by Trading-View, all different order types. All trades are always synchronized across all platforms.

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NAGA also offers several depots in different currencies per user. Users can create depots in euros, US dollars, British pounds, Swiss francs, zloty, but also in Bitcoin or Ethereum as the depot currency.


Community and extra featuresThe entire platform is designed to connect the community with each bitcoin trading australia - across the language. On the one hand, every user has a personal news feed that learns based on trading behavior.

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Users can upload posts, like them, comment on them and share them. NAGA also offers a built-in crypto wallet, which has securely processed several million crypto transactions since NAGA has developed its own tool here sincewhich allows users to copy each other onto their trades.

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NAGA Autocopy is fully scalable in all regions of the world. For example: So a German user copy the gold trades of an Italian investor and at the same time copy the Bitcoin trades of a trader from Vietnam.

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Using the NAGA leaderboard, users can find the best investors and filter in which period e. Which traders made the most profits for their copiers or which trader was the best in the last month in the field of cryptocurrencies.

General Features

In addition, every top trader has his own profile where all trades are indexed and the statistics of profits and losses are shown transparently. It checks how often the trader invests, which assets are mostly bitcoin trading australia and which profit ratios are down.

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NAGA Autocopy thus allows every user to build up a dynamic portfolio with just a few clicks, which is managed fully automatically by Top Invest. Crypto wallet and exchangeWith the crypto currency wallet, NAGA Pay users can make direct deposits and withdrawals via the blockchain.

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Convert Bitcoin directly and then keep it safe. Here NAGA has virtually simplified the entire brokerage product and integrated it into the app.

The whole thing is offered with margin accounts.

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Say NAGA offers users leverage so that more can be traded with the capital. COM platform and copy them directly. When was NAGA founded? On July 10, in Frankfurt What was the issue price when you went public?


How many shares were there when the company went public? Yes two: Marchof 20 million shares through the contribution of HBSAG, whereby the share capital was increased to around NAGA went public 21 months after the company was founded.

Napi Bitcoin BTC technikai elemzés A Bitcoin 27 dollárra esett, miután felvillantotta az eladási jelet a napi grafikonon.

So it was a very quick and early IPO. Thus, NAGA did not build the best reputation at the start. What has changed at NAGA that the share was able to post such a sharp increase in ?

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The foundation was laid in April In the course ofBilski consolidated the offer on naga. At the end ofNAGA was able to initiate the turnaround, began to grow again and was able to lay the foundation for further growth in Is it true that NAGA is one of the best stocks in ?

Litecoins are known to be ASIC-resistant, which means that they are quicker and easier to mine. Why invest in Bitcoin: the coin’s prospects look as bright as ever It is no secret that crypto adoption is growing at a rapid pace. Bitcoin has risen in four of the five years for an average

How high is the turnover at NAGA? NAGA is now expanding to Australia, has set up its own brokerage in China and continues to grow strongly.

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In Q3 there were again record sales, record transactions and records in trading volume on the platform. NAGA Pay will also play a central role in user growth. After five years of intensive development, mastered structural problems, a good cash flow position and in the heyday of FinTech growth, NAGA sees itself extremely well positioned to achieve the great goal of billions bitcoin kereskedő biztonságos valuation in the future.