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The firm shipped the first units of the car on Tuesday, but there seems to have been fairly clear targets on who got them.

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Who got the Tesla Motors Model X? These, the founder editions of the cars, could be expected to go to people who are very close to Tesla Motors. It is important to note, however, that they are invested in making sure the business, as well as the Model X, is a complete success.

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Delivers 5 Model X Founder’s Edition EVs to Pals, Where’s Yours?

Musk is famous for his inability to meet deadlines. The Model X was supposed to be shipped for the first time more than two years ago. Since late inhowever, Mr. Musk has stood on his forecast that the first units would ship before the end of the third quarter. With a little over 24 hours before the quarter ended, Mr. Musk delivered no more than six units of the Model X to some close friends of Tesla Motors. He met the deadline he set inbut the display may have been more of a facade than anything else.

We know that the Tesla Motors Model X is hard to build.

Elon Musk keeps telling the world just that. Many early Model S owners had big problems with their car. Tesla Motors fixed those issues, and the Model S is much better as a result.

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With the Model X launch being the way it was, however, Tesla Motors could have sent cars with a litany of issues to the Founders. The real question is when will Tesla Motors get the Model X to some real people?

The firm could rest on its laurels and not get the first real Model X to owners for another six weeks, or it may already have started to ship the car.

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Given the nature of the event on Tuesday, however, it seems more likely that Tesla Motors is lagging on the Model X, but it tried to meet the deadline in spite of that. Tesla Motors is going to take a year or so to get rid of that backlog according to Elon Musk. That means that the car will remain bitcoin futures etrade for bitcoin futures etrade few months to come. Despite being made on a low volume line, Tesla Motors will need to start shipping real models of the Model X soon.

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In the last three months shares in Tesla Motors have lost more than 14 percent of their value, but the firm still attracts huge price targets from Wall Street. Now that the first hype about the Model X is over, it needs to follow through and get an actual car to actual people to justify those targets.

Elon Musk may have to lower his shipping estimates for the full year if there are real problems with the Model X. He already did that the last time Tesla published earnings. Tesla Motors is trying to prove to Wall Street that it can crypto csere az amerikai állampolgárok számára itself into a real car firm.

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The first thousand or so people on the firms waiting list will expect to get their car before the year ends. If Tesla Motors can clear that hurdle and ship a couple of thousand units of the Model X before the holidays, Wall Street may be happy.

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